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Friday, November 20, 2009

Robert Pattinson Admits He And Kristen Are Engaged!

LOS ANGELES, California - This morning on The Today Show, Robert Pattinson admitted to Matt Lauer that he and Kristen Stewart are engaged.

In a playful game of "True or False," Matt Lauer on the Today Show asked Pattinson about a series of rumors. "You're dating a costar whose name rhymes with Tristan Blewart," Lauer asked. "Yes" Pattinson responded, trying not to crack up. "You got engaged?" "Ahhh, yes," Rob responded after a pause.

But Rob also admitted that he got into a "butt accident" and had a "drug overdose," so this is clearly British sarcasm at work, but there's no denying that Rob's running out of ways to deny the relationship!

CLICK HERE to see the clip of Rob on the Today Show

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