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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Kara Dio Guardi Will Be Back on American Idol!

Guessing which of the judges will be back on American Idol next season has become a popular game. And yeah, we're having trouble keeping track of the rumors, reports and whispers, too. However, we can tell ya that Kara DioGuardi will be back for season nine of the hit reality show...

"Her deal is done. There are no ifs, ands or buts," a source said. "Done. She will be back." No surprise, but the source reports that DioGuardi's new deal doesn't even come close to what the other judges are getting or, in Paula Abdul's case, asking for.

DioGuardi is set to start shooting a new season of auditions in the next week or so. Reps for DioGuardi and the show declined to comment. Even if Ms. Abdul is still hammering out a deal, we have a feeling all will be worked out in the end and all four judges will return. (Y!,Pic:http://qfichennai.files.wordpress.com/)

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